Electric Motor & Pump
Rewinding & Repair

Keep production moving.

When you can’t afford downtime, motor failure is a major problem. The solution is electric motor and pump repair service professionals that can go to work efficiently, effectively, and without much lead time. Professionals like this—professionals like ours—have a depth of expertise in testing, diagnosis, maintenance, and repairs that is unparalleled in the industry.

Whether you’re dealing with electrical overload, bearing failure, low resistance, or any of the issues common to electric motors, we can quickly resolve the problem. Our goal, whether we’re engaged with electric motor rewinding, electric motor repair, electric pump repair, or electric motor rebuilds, is to restore your equipment to new condition or even better.

Stator Sales & Services’ electric motor rewinding and electric motor repair services are informed by over 125 years of combined experience. We know exactly how to address problems quickly, ensuring the longevity and function of your equipment.

Our electric motor rewinding, electric motor repair, electric pump repair, or electric motor rebuilds services include:

Wide-ranging expertise

We work on any electric motor pump, drive, or engine up to 1,000 kilowatts

Insulating & Rewinding Rotor

Whenever we carry out an electric motor rewinding, we will ensure the rotor is rewound and insulated for maximum safety and efficiency

Core Loss Tests

Before and after electric motor rewinding, we can test the core, ensuring its long-term quality and function

Thermal Epoxy Winding

After an electric motor rewinding, we can leverage thermal expoxy winding to maximize your motor life

Surge Tests

We can determine the condition of a motor’s winding to ensure longevity and safety

Strip Windings

Controlled burn out of old winding in a temperature controlled oven

Ask us how quickly and cost-effectively we can repair your electric motor or pump.