Dynamic Precision Balancing

Improve function.

Having your equipment balanced improves it's working quality, reduces noise from loose fasteners, helps avoid structural failure, reduces bearing wear, improves efficiency by using energy for speed and horsepower and of course prevents shaft wear, bending, breakage and over wear of seal couplers.

Stator specializes in the onsite balancing of Industrial equipment and machinery, to the automotive industry's motorcycle balancing. With three balancing stands at our facility with weight capacity of up to 4500 lbs and a 7 foot swing, we have the ability to balance a dynamic range or motors. We use trusted brands such as IRD as well as Schenck analyzers here at Stator and strive to improve the quality of each product with our balancing technique.

Our dynamic precision balancing services include:

Wide-ranging expertise

We can carry out balancing on any application up to 4,000lbs

Site Visits

We can come to you and get the job done on your site whenever it’s called for

Ask us about fast, competitively priced balancing.